Shaolin Kempo Karate is a system of self defense combining the
three arts of Shaolin Kung Fu, Karate, and Jiu Jitsu. This
combination has literally been labeled by some as, the most
effective martial art today.

Below is a breakdown of what each system has to offer in terms
of martial ability, body and spiritual developement.
Karate is a system of self defense that
originated in Okinawa. Like other arts of is
time it has a strong focus on high kicks, linear
conditioning. Most of its focus in terms of self
defense is the idea of finish the assault with
one blow. Making this possible, the Karate
student, had to endure long hours of training
and dedication.
Shaolin Kung Fu by many is where all forms
of martial arts first developed. Originally
developed in China and  was designed for
internal and external exercise to help better
the health and minds of the Bhuddist Monks.
Kung Fu over the centuries slowly evolved
into a system of self defense based on the
everyday movements of animals and how they
made there place in their environment. Each
animal has it's own place and own way of
survival. The animals bring a variety of
movements, to not only enhance defensive
skills, but develop health and flexibility as
well. Kung Fu uses on a lot of quick hand
movements and circular strikes. It focuses on
defense with the hands and low kicks and
relies on internal energy instead of brute force.
The original five animals are the Tiger, Snake,
Crane, Dragon, Leopard. This system  of self
defense makes it easier for those who find it
difficult to utilize high kicks and want to focus
on the healing effect of the martial arts.  
Jiu Jitsu translated as "gentle art" was
developed in Japan and consist of wrist and
joint lock manipulation, pressure point
striking, and body throws. This system of self
defense gives the weaker opponent the ability
to overcome the bigger more stronger
opponent with out the need of superior
strength. It was designed to take the
opponents own strength and to use it against
them. This allows one to defend them self
without the need to punch or kick the
opponent and defend without inflicting
permanent damage. This is what makes
Jiu-Jitsu essential for a well rounded martial
artist or someone simply interested in
Shaolin Kempo School of Martial arts
Shaolin Kempo School of Martial Arts
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