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Shaolin Tiger - Shaolin Kempo Karate

The Tiger represents courage, tenacity and power.
Physically, it is the strongest of all the five animals. Relies
on as it moves always pressing. The movements of the
Tiger develop strong bones and a strong back.

The Dragon represents fighting spirit & wisdom.
the Dragon we learn to " ride the wind " meaning the
Dragon is especially noted for its flexibility, it uses simple,
basic techniques with a challenging strategy of movement
complementary to the opponent's ( when he advances, I
retreat; when he retreats, I advance ).Prefers zigzagging
motions. The Dragon has a lot of floating motion and a lot
of rising and falling,swinging around, whipping as well as
twisting and turning movements to overcome its
adversaries. The Dragon helps develop inner strength.
Shaolin Dragon - Shaolin Kempo Karate Kentucky
Shaolin Leopard - Shaolin Kempo Martial Arts

The Leopard represents speed and agility.
the tiger. The Leopard's power is primarily produced from a
The Leopard trains for muscle strength. More precise than
loose, relaxed, whip-like action generated by speed and
balance as well as limber waist and hips movements. The
Leopard employs many crushing techniques and a lot of
internal strikes with the hands. It gets in close to do it's
Shaolin Crane - Shaolin Kempo Self Defense Arts

The Crane represents balance and gracefulness.
Crane prefers to work at a distance from the opponent and
at angle off-line from his attacks. With calm, quiet nature, it's
movements are soft, relaxed and circular. However, they are
explosive and can be used in close or at a distance. The
Crane has excellent balance and is very good at disturbing
the balance of others.

The Snake is noticed for its suppleness and rhythmic
It trains chi (internal energy).The Snake is
cunning and deceptive in its fighting method, it can coil,
zigzag and use rapid twisting motion to compensate for its
lack of limbs. The Snake goes for vital points. The eyes
and throat being common targets.
Shaolin Snake  - Shaolin Kempo  Karate Louisville,KY
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Shaolin Kempo Karate and how the 5 original shaolin kung fu
animals the leopard, tiger, dragon, snake and crane influence
this martial arts system.
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